Welcome to Cowboy Dharma! What's it all about? In short, the "Cowboy" (western) side is about celebrating the best of contemporary western thought: Twelve Step Recovery, psychology, Eckhart Tolle, Brene Brown, Joseph Campbell, Erik Erikson, and others. Some European influences are honored as well. The western tradition is marked by scientific inquiry, or the external and objective. 
Dharma's oldest definition is "the right way of living." This side celebrates five thousand years of eastern wisdom through various spiritual and philosophical paths. Middle eastern sages are honored as well. Ancient eastern and middle eastern paths are known for their subjective, intuitive and inward looking viewpoint. Together eastern and western wisdom provide a wholistic and panoramic understanding and wisdom.

These paths are where we find true help, hope, healing, and happiness in an often sad, sick, and insane life and world. Our suffering is not only of a physical nature, but on a mental and spiritual level as well, and sometimes severe or horrific. body and soul may feel broken, torn, and shattered, as we  come to feel trapped, abandoned, lost, and alone. We may take on a myriad of distractions and addictions in an attempt to deaden the pain and bind up the brokenness and wounds and soldier on as best we can.

The purpose of Cowboy Dharma is to acknowledge the pain and suffering as necessary, even vital to a full life and experience, as we learn to heal, grow, and prosper from that very same pain and suffering. "We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means for inspiration and survival" (Sir Winston Churchill). We seek and utilize any skillful means to afford our mending, recovery, and renewal with nature, our Higher Power, ourselves, and others. We leave toxic persons and situations behind to find positive and life affirming relationships are not only possible, but deeply satisfying.

After many years, books, recovery meetings, discussions, retreats, workshops, and much soul searching, we gathered clarity, wisdom, and peace we want to share with you here. We sorted what we have learned into categories that have evolved and expanded over the years. We find these paths to be not only powerful, but truly life changing, and more than able to transcend the rush and craziness of modern life. These are the "Sanity Files" listed to the right. The posts are often from first person viewpoint as we believe that "What is most personal is most universal" (Carl Rogers).

All of these work together in what we call exponential synergy. Synergistic as they work together to achieve much more than they could alone, and exponentially as the power of each is multiplied by the others. Try one or all to see what resonates and works for you. We sincerely hope you find peace, love, joy, and beauty for yourself and your world, if not here, then elsewhere.

The scope of the offerings may seem a bit large and intimidating. Please try not to be overwhelmed. Take small bites and baby steps if need be. The point is to find something, anything of value that resonates for you. Also it may be best to focus on the first seven Sanity Files (after introduction) in the beginning, as we find these are the most important, and where the most healing occurs, but as the welcome says, start wherever you like. It is your healing and happiness that count, so follow your heart.

Feel free to email us at with things you have found helpful. All of us at Cowboy Dharma want to thank you very much for stopping by, and wish you all the best on your hero's journey to recover your True Self!