Sunday, July 7, 2013

God Centered Life

Some may feel put off by the term God. If you prefer Higher Power, Great Spirit, The Force, or just plain life, use it! The point is to defer to the intelligent power and presence that creates and sustains all things. The "Force" is actually a pretty good description. You may have seen my reference to mentoring in other writings as I recently come to recognize the important and varied types of guidance we dearly need growing up, such as in finances, education, relationships, business and work, physical (health), mental, sexual, and spiritual matters. Any one of these or other aspects of life can become the focus and center of family life, and the individuals in it. This can have a profound effect on family members, our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, society, and so on. Also, if it is true that children don't begin significant rational reasoning until about age six then through out the teen years it becomes ever so important to have proper guidance early on. For example: financial concerns. If money becomes the driving purpose of a persons education, work life, home life, relationships, and so on, it is a recipe for disaster. All of these things are external to our true nature and therefore doomed to correlate to the rise and fall of our worldly experience. Spirit is the opposite of physical, therefore outside the realm of rise and fall. Spiritual things like love, peace, joy, and beauty, the "immeasurables," aren't things at all, rather aspects of the infinite we carry within us that we may manifest in ourselves and our world in saner moments. Following a spiritual path we often find we have been putting others first, ourselves second, and God last. We then learn to turn this around to put God first, then practice self care, so that we may better serve others from a place of greater wisdom and power.  In a meeting once a friend asked, "must I go to God with everything?" She was told yes, but I believe if we are "in the flow" with God, grace flows naturally. Another way I see this is a triangle with God at the top and center. I give up everything to God from the side of weakness and ego (the small self), and God gives it back to me on the side of greater good and higher law to my best and True self, the "big S" Self. When we put God first, at the center of our lives, it is invitation to filter all our thinking, feeling, and experiences through this divine presence, power, and wisdom that we may think, feel, say, and do what is right for all, what is best for all.

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