Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Living in a Grace Bubble

Self care keeps coming up for me. Am I taking care of myself in the best possible ways? Not always that's for sure. Being exposed to others negativity, upset, distress, and violence made me realize that is not where I want to be, mind or body. I had to admit as well, that I put myself in this place all too often.

What if I chose to create a "grace bubble" around myself, free of these and other difficulties? As I write this, I also realize I can't keep them out completely, they are part of a full life too, so when they come up, and must come in, I give them grace too. Thic Nhat Hahn teaches that trying to keep them out completely is futile anyway, and "poor circulation" that causes even more problems.

He advises to take them in our arms to comfort them as a parent would a cranky or ill child. This is not always possible in the  moment, as it is sometimes better to walk away until strength and calm are restored and we regain the poise and power to deal with them wisely. Perhaps it is because I am so visual in my experience of the world that this image works for me so well.

I am verbal too, as you can see here, and writing this down clarifies and deepens my commitment to it. You might call my grace bubble a "force field" of good intention, of loving kindness. and exemplary self worth. I am worth it. I am committed. Are you? I hope so, for it is only through the experience of grace personally that we will have what it takes to save our selves and our world "universally".

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