Prayers of Thankfulness

For Example:

Higher Power - Thank you for being one with me. For bringing me love, peace, joy, beauty, freedom, wisdom, and so much more. Thank you for the realization that all things happen in you, through you, as you. Thank you that I can be still and know, that I can pray without ceasing so my life becomes an ever present state of reverence, communion, blessing, and grace. Thank you for being available anytime, anywhere. You never leave me, even though I sometimes think I have left you. Within and without, you are always here, all present, all power, all knowledge, all love. Thank you for stilling my fears as you take me in your everlasting love.

Partner - Thank you for such a wonderful mate, she is an awesome blessing for myself and so many others in so many ways – mental, physical, spiritual, and so on. We share so much in common and yet have enough differences to make life interesting and adventurous. I am so glad to have a partner on this journey to support and care for me and me her. We have our problems and issues but all the more reason for this relationship, for ever increasing awareness of myself and others. I remember that you make this three into one.

Family/Friends - Thank you for my family and family of friends and communities I am blessed to enjoy. They are wise and wonderful people, so loving, caring, and kind. We share much joy, sorrow, healing and history that we can be truly of help, and healing to each other. We have our challenges and difficulties, but I choose to connect with and relate to those that support and nurture me as I do them. We are all growing at our own pace, and I honor who and what they are at this time. I do what I can to help them grow and mature just as they do for me. I will keep in mind that you are the head of this family, the ever loving Father and Mother.

Career – Thank you for helping and teaching me so that I can be of best use in this world. I know you are guiding me in a God given career whether through my present work or another. Whatever is best, I know you are leading me there. Thank you for giving me the energy and wisdom to be truly helpful and put everything I have into my work each day. These are your hands, your feet, your words, and your work, whatever I say & do. 

Service – Thank you that I can help and inspire others, that they see your works and your light through me and seek it for themselves, That I can help others find it, nurture it, and realize it in ever expanding awareness. Whenever I fall into unhappiness and fear all I need do is find a way to reach out and help, to truly be of service that my worries and fears melt away. Thank you that through giving I am fulfilled.

Awareness – Thank you for the wisdom and understanding that liberates me from the misery, the ignorance, confusion and doubt of this world. That through your loving guidance I have true freedom to see clearly and gain true knowledge and faith. Thank you that I can step back from selfish concerns and focus to find communion with you and all others, all of creation.

Health – Thank you for such wonderful health, that although it may not be perfect, not all I might wish it to be, it is still an awesome and precious gift. Thank you for sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing, as well as functions such as balance, digestion, elimination, and healing that go on within this body as the incredibly complex, diverse, and finely tuned organism it is. Its abilities, agilities, and longevity are truly wondrous. 

Life - Thank you for this amazing gift of life, not only for myself, but my family, friends, acquaintances, all people, animals, plants, and life. Thank you not only for the life we have here and now, but all life through-out the creation past, present, and future. 

Community - Thank you for our circle of loved ones be they people, plants, animals, or things, our companions along the road of life, all you, all me, all one. Thank you that I have others who I can share this life with, that are understanding, caring, and kind. 

Blessings – Thank you for all the gifts you bestow upon us, the air, water, earth, light and warmth of the sun, as well as this wonderful body, my family and friends, all plants, animals, all things, and all of creation that is basically good and hospitable to us now. Your abundant giving flows in an unrelenting stream through-out the world, creation, and time. I review my blessings list regularly to remind me of your overflowing goodness.

Prayer and Mediation – Thank you that I can commune with you in intimate conscious contact. That I can spend time in the circle of your grace free of the concerns of this world. Thank you that I can speak to you and with you that I may find your truth in mind and heart, what is really best for myself and others. 

Attitude – Thank you that awareness allows an attitude of gratitude and basic goodness. My life may seem small and suffering at times, perhaps often, but I try to see the bigger picture and know the abundance of your blessings reach so far that to me they are nothing short of infinite. I will strive to keep a positive attitude, accept what is, and be content in this knowing to be of light and service in this life.