Peace - Calm - Serene - Tranquil

When I started with A Course In Miracles in 1990 and read that the goal was peace, I thought, how boring, I want passion! Years later I can't thing of anything I'd like more than simple peace. Consider the synonyms: calm, serene, and tranquil. Consider the shadow synonyms as well: chaos, discord, distress, agitation, and tumult (ouch!). In 12 Step Recovery, when we fall back into our disease we call it a "slip." I recently heard a slip is when "Serenity loses it's priority." It reminded me how important serenity really is. In fact, it is a test because if I have lost serenity, It's because I am back in disease and chaos is in charge. Time to honor my need for peace, serenity, calm, and tranquility and get back to God. Check out Peace of Mind and Carry on My Wayward Son I will rest in You Peace Train Be still and Know