Monday, October 4, 2010

Higher Power - The Force - God

What ever name you prefer, Higher Power, Great Spirit, the Oversoul, the Force, or simply life energy, are all good. I am comfortable with them all so switch around a bit just to keep it fresh and lively. The name God carries a lot of baggage so many avoid it. It seems a fitting name to me as it infers powerful, present, and wise. And not just powerful, present, and wise, but all power, all presence, all wisdom. The alternative is a big, dumb, random universe. Personally, I find creation too complex, diverse, and intelligent for that to be true.

There appears to be a divine force that allowed this awesome and incredible drama of creation and life to emerge, expand, and thrive through-out the ages. Also I am, you are, and everything else, is a microcosm of that macrocosm. We have it all within us, this same power, presence, and wisdom. We are the children of God, and if children, then heirs of God. It is our birthright, our inheritance. We have the power to create or destroy, a little at a time, but immensely over a lifetime. Just look at civilization; all the houses, schools, libraries, churches, businesses, streets, etc, and all the things in them, just ideas in peoples minds come to fruition.

But what has guided us? Subjugation, imperialism, pollution, consumerism, and other selfish "evils" have done much damage. Where is salvation? Greater good, higher law, found through Higher Power. This is why a good, if not great relationship with our Higher power is so important. One of my best tools to get in touch with Higher Power is nature. As a teenager I became fed up with God. I don't know if it was a sense of neglect and abandonment I felt from my family of origin, the whole organized religion thing, the way so much suffering was allowed, or the angry, jealous, punishing God of the old testament, but I didn't want any part of it. For a while I said I didn't believe in God, I believed in good.

Then I read the book Original Blessing and was reminded that before the time there was any churches God was found in the sky, waters, trees, sun and moon, earth, and so on. Everything was blessed, sacred, and holy. I then remembered how much nature is a saving grace for me. I cherish time spent in nature. John Muir said just one day spent in nature and one is rich forever. I certainly am. Often when I share this, people tell me how much nature means to them too.

Another super tool for getting in touch with my Higher Power is journaling. I begin each entry "Good morning (afternoon, etc) Lord," then write out all my doings, issues, and struggles good and bad. It takes the weight off my shoulders and leaves it on the page. I find it a real blessing. Many will find it silly to "talk" to or with God in this way. I probably won't change minds much here, but perhaps some will give it a try.

Even I don't imagine my Higher Power as understanding my words specifically, but I do believe there is an understanding of the intention, and the meaning. It's like when we talk to our babies, pets, and other things. There is spirit there too. We feel they get it on some level. Not by words, but from a deeper, pre-verbal energetic place. Same with my "conversations" with God.

I am speaking with a best friend. A friend who made and sustains me year to year, day to day, and moment to moment. I know have a box full of these journals, and a very good relationship with my maker I feel to my very core. The last point I want to make is again how important this is.

Classical Eastern wisdom has taught me that first I must tame my mind to then train and transform it with the ultimate  goal of acquiring a "Sacred Outlook". That is real transformation, to see the hand and spirit of God in everyone and everything, to look into every face and see the face of God, and to gaze back into God's eyes with confidence that the greatest good and highest law is at work at all times, in all places, in all things.

It's time for us to stop building up our own little kingdoms, to knock down the walls and find we were in God's Kingdom all along, we just didn't know it. We may at last give up the rat race, the battle, the war that seems to be raging in our modern world, and Rest in God. Prayer and mediation are also very helpful to feel conscious contact so take this link to meditation and this one to prayer.

For those that have a real problem with the idea of God, or Higher Power, some find " A Power Greater" works for them, See that post here You may also enjoy the post "God Centered Life".   To see videos on how how nature is infinitely intelligent (like/as God) see Sacred Geometry For inspirational music see I Am  Let Them See You  (I Want to Seek You) First  Can't Live Without Your Love   Great Light of the World 

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