Sunday, December 30, 2007

Welcome to Cowboy Dharma

Hello and welcome!
What's this site about? It often seemed like we had a good childhood, but later realized there was something missing, something wrong, so we began to seek truth and wisdom in earnest. Long story short, after many years, books, and recovery meetings, retreats, and workshops, we gathered a lot of clarity, wisdom, and peace we want to share with you. We took what we found  and sorted it into categories that have evolved and expanded over the years. First of all, there are the differing wisdom paths. These are listed to the right and link to further information on each subject. There are certainly many others, but these are our favorites, intended to inspire you to find and follow yours. Imagine if you will, these as the "branches" of the tree of truth and wisdom, gathering the air and sunshine that help give it life. Below the surface are the Essential Disciplines or "roots" that supply the water and other nutrients as well as the support for the tree. Click on the link to the right to see these foundational principles with links to explanations in detail. This "Tree of Life" is ours, but you have one too, everyone does. Whether it is a giant sequoia of a tree that stands tall and strong such as the life of Christ or Buddha, or a stunted and fallen tree like the life of an abused, abandoned, and homeless person, there is life and hope there too none the less. The idea is to show you how we work life and healing to inspire you to find ways to work yours. We sincerely hope you find ways to live your best possible life, not just here, but anywhere you can. You may mail us at if you'd like. We can't promise to reply quickly as we are still getting started, but we will try. Thanks for stopping by, we wish you all the best, Cowboy Dharma.

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