Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mother Nature

Before there were any religions, before even languages or the first word spoken, there was the holy, the sacred, the divine. It lived in the stars, waters, sky, earth, trees, animals, and in all creation. As nature is a creative force, we consider nature a mother, mother to all. It starts as a gift. I embrace that gift wholeheartedly. It is, for me, a saving grace. My family lived in or near the hills near Pasadena when I grew up, and enjoyed the mountains, oceans, and deserts. There we felt joyful and at home. Nothing has changed for me, I need that "fix" on a regular basis. My favorite naturalist John Muir said "When we try and pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." He also said "Just one day spent in nature and we are rich forever." With all the days I have spent, I am rich beyond measure. I consider nature Gods true cathedral, church, temple, and my greatest sanctuary. Check out my inner kid story Homecoming to get an idea how much I have enjoyed the hills and canyons of my youth.  My love of nature and mountains has since stretched out to the whole of the Angeles National Forest, the San Bernardino Mountains (Big Bear in particular), and on to the deserts of Palm Springs and Palmdale, and the Beaches of San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Monterey. Love of mountains and lakes drew me up the Kern River to Lake Isabella, and on to the Mammoth Lake and Sacred Geometry June Lake areas on the east side of the High Sierras, then over Tioga pass to Yosemite and Sequoia on the west side. Since my move to the west side of L.A. in 2005, most of my nature time is spent at the Santa Monica beaches and mountains. As I get older the affinity has only strengthened and matured. I often describe dysfunctional life as claustrophobic: trapped, lost, and alone, but in nature I have always felt free, and at home with family. Unfortunately our dear Mother Nature is being assailed on many fronts as such that we face a number of dire emergencies. For information on the pollution problem please click here. Here is a link to another blog and some favorite places to help feel the joy, awe, and wonder. Sacred Geometry  Favorite Places: Sullivan Canyon  Monrovia Canyon  A Day In Yosemite  June Lake  Palm Springs  Santa Barbara  San Diego Ventura (Awesome Video)  Monterey  Big Bear Lake  Sequoia Park  Mammoth Lakes

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