Sunday, April 3, 2016

Western Wisdom

There are many ways in which western thought is making a difference across the world in beneficial ways. Non Violent Communication has been taking groups that have been enemies for decades and helping them find common ground where they can at last work together towards peace and freedom for all. It is revolutionary and very effective. It is also called Compassionate Communication.

Another "path" we find very powerful and useful is Eckhart Tolles' work; The Power of Now. It takes Buddhism, psychology, A Course in Miracles, and other paths and melds them into a seemingly new way of thinking, feeling, and living. This one is really worth a good look, and the books well worth reading over and over.

Joseph Campbell's work on the mythic archetypes of personality gives great depth and meaning to how we process and live out our lives. This helps us understand Who We Are. Campbell also inspires us to take a Hero's Journey to find wisdom and healing for our selves and others. We have also found there is a  Twelve Step Hero's Journey .

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's work on processing losses and grief can be a pivotal part of recovery and living a full and complete life so we have included our take on it with a Twelve Step focus here.

Another very powerful and useful bit of wisdom is Erick Erickson and others work on the stages of development. This also has a Twelve Step flavor and can be viewed here.

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