Sunday, April 3, 2016

Western Wisdom

There are many ways in which western thought is making a difference across the world in beneficial ways. These teachers and teachings have had a huge impact on many of us at Cowboy Dharma, and we refer back to them regularly as some of the most useful tools we have found. What you see here is just a taste of the great wisdom these "paths" have to offer, so if you find one that resonates for you we suggest you dig deeper for books, videos, and other sources to expand awareness and growth.

The most powerful teacher we have seen lately is Brene Brown. She set out to study connection and love and found these are what give our lives purpose and meaning, but kept hearing about heartbreak and disconnection. The research clearly illuminated what it is to be human, in all its joy and misery, and really worth a look. Here is a post, here access to her viral videos, and here a link to her books.

A practice we find very powerful and useful is Eckhart Tolles' work on The Power of Now. It takes Buddhism, psychology, A Course in Miracles, and other paths and melds them into a seemingly new way of thinking, feeling, and living. This one is really worth a good look, and the books well worth reading over and over. For his books click here, videos here, and his website here.

Joseph Campbell's work on the mythic archetypes of personality gives great depth and meaning to how we process and live out our lives. This helps us understand Who We Are. Campbell also inspires us to take a Hero's Journey to find wisdom and healing for our selves and others. There are videos here, and books here. Lastly, he helps us understand how our unconscious affects our conscious decisions by means of the "Soul Circle". Here is our take.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's work on processing losses and grief can be a pivotal part of recovery and living a full and complete life so we have included our take on it with a Twelve Step focus here.
She also has many interesting videos accessed here, books accessed here, and a foundation here.

Another very powerful and useful bit of wisdom is Erick Erickson and others work on the stages of development. This also has a Twelve Step flavor and can be viewed here. Erickson also has informational videos here, and his books here.

The Fight or Flight Response was first identified in 1932 by Walter Bradford Cannon in his book The Wisdom of the Body. It remains a very popular and useful perspective of how we react to all types of stressors through our bodies, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Awareness is the first step to understanding, wisdom, and transformation, so if you want to respond to stressful situations with all your faculties rather than being stuck in reactive cycles, take a look.

For a much more modern approach to how fight or flight  severely reduce our capacities for intelligent rational responses we have a link to Dr. Alan Watsons video entitled "Being Brilliant Every Single Day". It is a very intriguing, informative, and even entertaining expose of how, as he says, stress creates "A do it yourself frontal lobotomy". Really not what we want during test, public speaking, and other important but stressful situations. It is 45 minutes, but worth every minute.

Another very interesting viewpoint that also ties together the fight or flight response and some of the work of Dr. Alan Watson on Complete Coherence is The Triune Brain. Here we see how the development of brain functioning has, and still does affect us on a variety of higher functions as well as at the deepest levels. Good information on "How to Beat Your Lizard Brain".

Non Violent Communication has been taking groups that have been been enemies for decades and helping them find common ground where they can at last work together towards peace and freedom for all. It is revolutionary and very effective. For a post with notes, books, and video information click here.

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