Monday, January 15, 2018

Hero's Journey to True Self

Life is hard. That doesn't mean it isn't wonderful, beautiful, and amazing as well, but it is hard, and often damn hard. We also like to acknowledge that recovery isn't quick, easy, of painless, but it is worth it, YOU are worth it, and your family and friends, such as they are, are worth it. So what is the point of recovery? What is it we are trying to recover? Our True Self. This is the Self that is loving, kind, jubilently joyous, and fully alive.

It is a hard a hard road, and one that often requires a heroic effort. We all have that warrior, that hero within us always. Realizing, accessing, and empowering that hero to return to our True Self is the heart of our quest. Further on in the Super Powers section you will see how we can access all the power, presence, of the universe through our Higher Power to make this great journey.

For now, we want to familiarize you with the nature of True Self through a further exploration here. This is the most important journey we will ever make, as this is where true love, peace, joy, beauty, and all the rest of the best life has to offer is found. Too often the hate, chaos, sorrow, and ugliness of life has gotten us down and kept us there. It is high time for a change, and before it is too late!

Too make this dangerous and difficult journey we are going to need all the help we can get. There is help, there is hope, healing, and happiness waiting on the other side. We need access to our inner warrior. Not to fight against others, but against the disease, dysfunction, and insanity in the world, in ourselves, and others. For guidance on this adventure, and to find your own "Spiritual Warrior" inner Super Hero click here. For the Twelve Step version, click here. For another viewpoint on the Warrior spirit and experience check Warriors and Castles

We like to conclude each Sanity File with a musical or motivational experience so here are a few examples. I am a Warrior (Hannah Kerr)  I am the Warrior (Scandal) I Not a Survivor, I AM A WARRIOR!

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