Monday, July 12, 2010

Music - More Than a Feeling

Music breaths life into us, lifts us up, and sends us soaring. Conversely, if were feeling down, music can help us get deeply in touch with our sorrows so we can feel them fully and move on. It is so obvious it is easy to forget that music summons our muse, "a creative source of inspiration."

No surprise a song says this very well; "Day after day I'm more confused, and I look for the light in the pouring ran. You know this a game I hate to lose, and I'm feeling the strain, ain't it a shame,
Beginning to think that I'm wastin' time. I don't understand the things I do. The world outside looks so unkind. I'm countin' on you to carry me through.

And when my mind is free, you know a melody can move me. And when I'm feelin' blue the guitar's comin' through to soothe me. Thanks for the joy that you've given me, I want you to know I believe in your song. Rhythm and rhyme and harmony. You help me along, makin' me strong, so give me the beat boys and free my soul, I want to get lost in the rock and roll, and drift away." Dobie Gray

We sometimes find it hard to really express just how moving and soul touching music is for us. If we look for it, there always seems to be a song to fit every occasion, however joyous, sorrowful, or anywhere in between that fully expresses our deepest emotions and experiences. Too often the "soundtracks" of our lives are unpleasant, negative, even condemning, but we can chose otherwise!

We recommend to take the time to make your own soundtrack, play your own tunes, and sing your own songs. The results are often dramatic and life changing. We like to say "feel it to heal it'" so music really makes the miracle and magic that we need. In fact it is as the title to this post (and a Boston song) states, More Than a Feeling, it is Higher Power in all it's greatest and grandest glory.

Perhaps all of creation is a song, and our days the words and melodies.We would like to share some of our favorite and most inspiring music with you via YouTube. Each title is a link and if you find an artist you like, you can click on the links for similar songs by them and other artists. Our music devices have playlists for blues, dance, rock, inspire, joyous, relax, love, spiritual, super songs, and others, why not yours!? 

Bear in mind that it's the message that counts as the images can sometimes be unpleasant or distracting, so we often cover our screens or close our eyes to get the purity and beauty beyond. Please don't miss out on great music due to unwelcome images. Also many are Christian songs so some proselytizing may sneak in, but this is certainly not our intention, as we simply find this music uplifting and positive, and the message worthwhile.

Here are of some of our favorites - Top Ten: Love Alone is Worth the Fight  Word of Life  Whole Heart  Love Broke Thru  Humble and Kind  This is What Love Feels Like  Feel It  You Carried Me
 Take This City  I Believe (Love is the Answer)

Hard Times: Oh My Soul  Even If  Broken Hallelujah  Thy Will Be Done  Can't Live Without Your Love  Noise  God Help Me  Lord I'm Ready Now  Need You Now  Eye of the Storm  Say Amen  I Am (Holding on to You)

Joyous: Crazy Love  Everything Comes Alive  Shackles  #Lito  BoominI Just Want to Celebrate  This is Living!  Love Take Me Over  My Destiny  Multiplied   Today is Beautiful  Start a Fire 

Inspire: Bring Me to Life (Bebo)  Echo You  Let Them See You   Listen to the Sound  Right Beside You  Into Your Arms Again   Riser  Bring Me to Life (Evenescence)   You're Beautiful  Ain't No Stopping Us Now 

More to come!

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