Power Paths - Classical Wisdoms

Once in a while something strikes me as a universal truth. There may be books written on the subject, and those are noted here too, but the ideas, or "programs," is important enough to me to rate mention here as a "Power Paths." First off, is N.V.C., or Non-Violent Communication. I had no idea how limited my understanding was of communication was until reading this book and going to meet-ups. You may find it a big eye opener as well. Next, Personal, Permanent, Pervasive. Here we learn to take things so seriously, another great tool. Sacred Contracts is a book, but here are my thoughts and a video link. Too often we get stuck in roles of being the victim, abuser, or rescuer, cycling through them over time but tending towards one or two in particular. For insight and enlightenment check out Drama Triangle info here and a Wiki here. Life slips away from us all too often. We use up time on things that my seem urgent in the moment but really aren't. For help on First Things First look here, and here, for the Urgency/Importance Matrix look here, and here.