N.V.C. - Compassionate Communication

In CODA I've learned to identify and honor my feelings but it seems to stop short there and leave out observations, wants, needs, and requests. This is where Non-Violent (Compassionate) Communication comes in. Here we learn to observe situations non judgmentally, honor feelings, identify our wants, needs and values, and make requests to have them fulfilled. Another cool thing is once we get down to core needs we find they're the same as other people and we can usually all get what we want and need win-win style. Yeehaa! Do I seem enthusiastic? I am! The process is simple and straight forward, and the results amazing. It clarified for me that most of us really know very little about the nuts and bolts basics of communicating. For mine and others notes click here, for a link to the Center For Non Violent Communication click here, books here, videos here.