Life is Good - Basic Goodness

My wife and I have a running argument. I say the universe, life itself, and people are basically good, she takes the opposite position. The universe is very hospitable to us here on earth with just the right amount of so many things; sunlight, water, air, and so on (the goldilocks principle-"just right"). Life itself is extremely abundant, diverse, complex, and tenacious, clinging to every inch of earth it can. Conversely from what the media leads us to believe by reporting bad news most often, I believe that people do the right things day in and day out. During the riots here in L.A. I found out some people are just waiting for a chance to rent a truck and go looting, but thankfully, these people are few. Is this premise important? I think so, and believe it to be the foundation of right thinking, acting, and living. The opposing negative view point is really too fatalistic for me to even consider or adopt as a way of thinking and living. I prefer to believe the universe loves and cares for me, and as Joel says, I am highly favored by God. I understand that how we view life is deeply ingrained, and therefore change can be difficult, but the rewards are worth the work. Let me clarify that this isn't "positive thinking," it is finding the good in life (see gratitude post) and building a foundational belief in that. My wife can find plenty of evidence to support her claim that people and life is basically bad and evil, but I won't go into that, literally. I choose otherwise. I choose to think, feel, and believe, Life is Good! Check out It's all Good This Good Day Celebrate Good Times Good to be Us It's a great day to be alive Can't keep it in.