Humility - Modesty - Mild Mannered

Why am I humble? Because God is great, not me. All power, all presence, all knowing certainly isn't me! Realizing this is all important in putting things into proper perspective. Otherwise I think I am running the show, I am the ultimate authority (author) of reality. Yes, these are God's hands, feet, words, and so on, but I am not the master, rather servant, or child of God. Yet as child, also heir to all that is God, so I have a great obligation to do what is right and worthy with the God like powers I do possess. I like the image of water, it seeks the lowest level, is soft, yielding, even refreshing and life giving, yet can split and wear down mighty mountains over time. Also the image is earth, receptive and life giving, as humility is based on "humis," another word for earth or dirt. Mild mannered is kind of funny because that was the description of Clark Kent, the secret Superman. I have a superman t-shirt and cape I wear sometimes, but I say the S is for surrender, my greatest power in keeping humble and tapping into the grace of God. A lot of God talk? Yes, feel free to substitute Higher Power, The Force, or whatever fits your paradigm. The point is we aren't in charge here, and the better we understand that, the better off we all will be. The key is humility. Check out Undo Me I'm Letting Go Be Still and Know Come Alive I Surrender All .