Community - Companions

This path started for me with the Dean Ornish book Love and Survival - The Scientific Basis for the Healing Power of Intimacy. Even people who smoked, drank, and otherwise engaged in unhealthy behaviors through-out their lives had a great survival rate if they had a strong supportive community. It's a good read if you can find the time.

The book inspired me to set out in search of a healing community. It took a few years, but I found an 11th step (conscious contact with Higher Power) meeting that was wonderful! The people were spiritually earnest and very community oriented spending time together as often as possible before and after meetings, during holidays, special events, birthdays, and so on.

They were also members of other groups like A.A., Codependents Anonymous, and A Course in Miracles and we were all welcome to gravitate between them. The healing power that ensued is amazing, the results of which are still spreading out right here. Healthy and rewarding relationships is at the heart of life, click here for a post of my experience, strength, and hope.  sure there is lots more to say on this subject so keeping checking in. 

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