Awareness Awake Vigilant Alive

Sad but true, we spend much of life on auto pilot, sleepwalking. Like zombies, we are the living dead. It's like when we drive somewhere and can't remember a thing about the trip when we arrive. We were so caught up in thoughts of past and future we lost the present moment, the only time we have to really live. This is the work of our unconscious, a very powerful and effective master if we allow it to be. Like breathing: it goes on automatically unless we pay attention and choose to influence it. Breath is a central and important aspect of meditation as we use breathing to move from obsessive thinking (head) down into our body as does breath. From there we can get in touch with feelings, emotions, environment, and Higher Power. We may be wise to also acknowledge our inner wounded and wonder child, inner critic and loving self parent. This is only the first step as surrender, acceptance, embrace, understanding, insight, and transformation wait further on. Awareness is paramount as without it we can stay lost in a dream world, and possibly a living nightmare. The good news is we have a choice! We can be vigilant and stay awake and aware of life as it happens, here and now, in the present moment.