Brave Bold Daring

Wow, this topic brings up some energy for me. Passive, fearful, afraid, scared, worried: some energy there too, not good. The "other" side (I won't say dark) is what I learned growing up as I was quite shy, reticent, introverted. There is certainly value in that also as I have a calm, still, reflective nature and personality that helps me not get so caught up and lost in the high energy drama so prevalent in the world and some people. But there is also great value in being bold, brave, courageous, and daring too. This I have learned and now express in good measure. It is a good counterbalance, and necessary for a full and rich life. I think it is through mastery in certain areas of life that my boldness has surfaced. For example: I can wheelie like crazy. And (on a bicycle) not just pedaling to keep the front wheel up like most people do, but I can tilt back beyond the balance point and tap the rear brake to keep me upright and from falling over backwards. This is called a "coaster wheelie". It is a wonder to see and do, especially at the level I do where I am barely moving as if suspended by an invisible string from the heavens. It may sound crazy and it is, especially for a 50 year old dude like me. My mastery allows me to boldly coaster wheelie down the hill at the top of the Santa Monica pier where I live. There are lots of people walking up and down the sidewalks on either side that are witness, but I don't care. They are witness to an amazing feat of skill, ballet, poetry, boldness, and daring that would have otherwise been a simple trudge up or down the hill. There is an awesome view I must admit as I usually stop a while to soak it in. The point is, that we should sing, dance, paint, work, learn, and live with all the boldness and daring we can. Life is a beautiful and awesome thing when done well, let's make the most of it.