Christ Consciousness

I was raised Christian so it will always be my original home, but I turned away for awhile when I got hung up on the angry, jealous, punishing God of the old testament that seemed to turn his back on the suffering of the world. As I teen I put my faith in good instead of God. I now understand the old testament was written in an age when people needed the "law" to be civilized; "Thou shalt not kill, steal, lie" and so on, and there is no joy without sorrow. Also for us to have free will, even a loving Higher Power has to leave us to our own devices.

I have since embraced the compassion, forgiveness, and caring that is the Christ consciousness of the new testament, also that suffering is as necessary as joy and happiness. What really brought me back was the book Original Blessing that helped put it all into proper perspective. It reminded me that God is in all creation, in the plants, animals, waters, wind, earth and stars. This brought me home as I have always felt great peace as well as the sacred, the divine in nature. I believe as did Michelangelo that "My soul can find no staircase to heaven unless it be through Earths loveliness."

Another way to experience  and enjoy the best side of Christianity is A Course in Miracles. I also enjoy focusing on the principles of a virtuous life and all that entails in thinking, speaking, and actions. I do that through what I have called Essential Disciplines, and now as Super Powers. These are Super Powers because they come from a submission to a Higher Power and higher law or simply greater good.

The sad alternative is egocentric selfishness, the scourge of the ages. I have been refining a list of these virtues for many years now and found that differing paths have differing principles. Many overlap as they are universal truths. So here is an example of Christian virtues or  "Super Powers." Whatever you wish to call them, I hope they are a help to you.