Creativity Imagination Expression

Everything we are, do, and have is the result of creative imagination. From the smallest poem, kind word, or gesture to the greatest works of mankind like cities, arts, and compassionate religions they were first seen in the minds eye, in the hearts feeling before manifestation and fruition. I believe we are creating all the time in an unrelenting stream that expresses (presses out) our deepest cravings and desires. Whether we create from the strivings of ego or higher good (God) given desires is ultimately up to us if we have the presence of mind and heart to know the difference. Selfish creations are merely clever rather than wise, more tricks than treasures. Confusion, negativity, and doubt can also plauge our higher purpose. All the more reason to "Seek first the kingdom of Heaven," to "Be still and know that 'I Am,' God." Personally, I am often slow to make decisions or take actions, first waiting for gut level confirmation, a deeper validation. Perhaps the adage "The mind is the surface of the heart, and the heart is the deep level of mind" applies. Creativity is something I really enjoy as I can't seem to leave well enough alone. I prefer to play with things, trying this and that to see if there is room for improvement. My way is usually more evolution rather than revolution, but I can't help "customizing life," as I say, to suit my personality and place. How about you? Are there creative pursuits on your "to do" list? Or maybe just everyday things that could be tweaked a bit to make them more fun, to make them yours.