Parental and Other Mentoring

Navigating and Embracing Mentoring

(What We Could Have Learned About Before, But Can Now!)

Spirituality/God/Higher Power

Sexuality- Self and Others

Economics: Money, Finances, Shopping

Relationships: Spouses, Partners, Siblings, Parents, Children, Relatives, Coworkers, etc.                                                                                            
Education & Learning-Reading Writing Math, History, Research, Studying, etc.

Nature: At Home, Neighborhood, Great  Outdoors, Earth, Solar System, Cosmos

Household Skills: Cooking Gardening Maintenance Cleaning

Physical Skills: Driving, Riding Bikes, Swimming etc.

Singing, Dancing, Playing Music, etc.



Appreciation of Music, Art, Literature, etc.

Understanding and Utilizing Business, Politics, Science, Technology, etc. 

Love Compassion Forgiveness Intimacy

Heritage: Family/Cultural/Societal etc.

Other Care: Pets, Plants, Possessions, etc. 

Sports - Spectator/Participant

 Grooming, Dressing, Cleanliness, etc. 

Health- Diet, Exercise, Rest, etc.

Alcohol, Drugs, Addictions  

Safety - Defense

Honesty, Morals, Ethics, Character