Sunday, November 15, 2020

Humanity & Community

 So far we have talked about our elemental nature beginning with stars and planets, then the basics of life with the life forms of plants, fish, reptiles, birds, mammals and so forth. Next we explored the nature of God, or Higher Power, our spiritual nature. This is followed by the various aspects of our human nature of child, adult, and parent, or leader. Each one of these is an amazing and glorious story in itself, a smaller universe of intelligence, wonder, and beauty. 

Yet if we group them together and explore them in the light of their relation to each other and as a whole they become an ever more incredible and fantastic story. For instance, if we look at basic nature in all the life forms across the earth and time in it's diversity, abundance, tenaciousness, and beauty we can't help but be awestruck. So too our human nature, not only as we grow from child to adult and parent, but as tribes, communities, societies, cultures, races, and nations. 

Mankind has done so many wonderful things, we have a multitude of reasons to be proud of our accomplishments. If we look to the arts of architecture, sculpture, literature, painting, music, performing, and film, or the sciences of astronomy, biology, ecology, chemistry, geology, psychology, and physics we find even more worlds of amazement to be explored and appreciated. These are the realm of human nature, and help us understand our relationship to each other and the world. 

The second half of the Sanity Files deal with these in various ways. The first part of the Sanity Files are organized first as creation, life, and then humans developed. The Higher Power that came first and created everything is placed in the middle, as the center and source of all else. If applied to the human form we place it at the level of the gut (instinct) and the solar plexus, as our Higher Power shines from us from our center and all of our other natures orbit around it uet are part of it.

Following the human form example, our basic nature starts ground up first with creation at our feet, then lower life forms at the level of the genitals, the home of our base natures of sex and power. As mentioned Higher power is at the gut level of center and source. Mammalian and human nature (the child) start at the level of the heart, breasts, and lungs. The adult is the level of the brain or mind, as the home of logic and reason. 

The parent or leader resides at the top of the head, as the crown of mankind and nature. Humanity encapsulates all three of the human natures just mentioned, and the True Self is the some total of all our natures so also sits at our center and source, perhaps at the right hand of God. Yet Higher Power and The True Self aren't just at the center, as they pervade all of our natures, and stretch on to all creation, life, and others infinitely.

The story of humanity is long and complicated, and although there have been innumerable wonderful achievements unfortunately our history has a huge number of things to be ashamed of as well. Hopefully as our world shrinks due to the transportation, information, and communication revolutions we will summon our better angels to carry us forward. That is what Cowboy Dharma is all about, and in the second half of the Sanity Files we hope to find ways to do just that. All aboard!

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