Eastern Wisdom

Interested in Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, etc. or does any "ism" sound like trouble? You may be surprised. Many believe them to be science or philosophy rather than religion. Either way, these paths are quite diverse, rich, and extensive as they are the result of six thousand years of study and practice. It would seem foolish to ignore such a vast realm of practical wisdom.

The core of Eastern philosophy rests in meditation, both calm abiding and insight or inquiry. There is a Sanity File just for meditation, but you may access it directly here. Feel free to conduct your own discovery quest through the internet, books, meetings, and other ways as you prefer. Unfortunately parts of these paths have become corrupted and misunderstood over the centuries for various reasons, but the essence of them remains clear, pure, and very beneficial.

It seems one of the reasons we get so worked up, stuck, and unhappy is clinging to our ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Therefore great understanding, wisdom, and transformation can be found in the simple, but often not easy practices of Acceptance and Surrender. You could even say this is the Pure Land of "Nirvana", where we let go of all our neurosis and settle into pure being and flow.

Buddhism has been a very powerful influence in America and through-out the world for many years, perhaps more prevalent and pervasive than other ancient eastern philosophies. Some here at Cowboy Dharma have found it to be very calming and helpful in today's busy world, so would like to share some of it with you with our teachers in the following paragraphs, and our own explorations here. They are:  Basic BuddhismInner and Outer RefugeThe Buddhist Journey,  and Zen Poetry.  

Some of us have been lucky enough study and meditate with many humble and wise people for study and have a had great experience. We are fortunate to have many study groups in our area and we read books and magazines often. Some of us have also been fortunate enough to see Pema Codron, Thich Nhat Hanh, and the Dalai Lama in person multiple times.

What clicks for you is as always a personal preference, so it may take awhile to find a path, group, or teacher that really speaks to you, but we have found it broadened our spiritual perspective infinitely.  For more on Thich Nhat Hanh click here,  Pema Chodron here, the Dalai Lama here, a YouTube here, and his books here.

For fans of the "Super Powers" you can see Buddhist ones here.