Beauty - Art - Radiance - Splendor

Beauty quickly goes beyond words. The beauty I feel when I see sunbeams through the clouds, a gentle breeze on my face and hair, bright smiles of family and friends - indescribable. How quickly my misery fades in light of such splendor! Works of art be they sculptures, paintings, symphonies, performances, literature, poetry, songs, stories, crafts, and others pull me quickly into awe and wonder. Just nature, in all it's scenes, diversity, tenaciousness, abundance, and complexity is enough to keep me enthralled. Yes life is ugly, grotesque, repulsive, and gross too, but even these have a sublime beauty just below the surface waiting to be revealed. Life is lovely, and we forget and neglect this at our peril. I believe that each of us, our life, is in it's essence beautiful, is art. Let us remember, let us celebrate this fact every day. Here are a few examples Beautiful Beautiful Everything is Beautiful Everything is Beautiful (2) Beautiful day