Freedom - Liberation - Choice

Too often life feels claustrophobic, like we're trapped and alone. True, change can seem like turning the Titanic, one degree at a time, but over time it adds up. This post was prompted by two things. 1. I am changing. My disease is, well, easing. 2. I so enjoy songs about freedom! It sure would be sad if we couldn't change, if we were doomed to repeat our mistakes over and over. Were NOT! It takes a lot of work I admit, but it works if you work it, and you're worth it! If you're a recovering workaholic like me, we do have to be careful here and not over do it. My list of character defects is pretty long, but my list of strengths/blessings is too and the defects are being "re-moved" by my Higher Power to the back of the bus and out of the drivers seat! A lot of exclamation marks I know, but freedom is something worth exclaiming! Whatever your addiction, disease, problem, challenge, or difficulty, you can find freedom. Perhaps not total relief, but some freedom and peace none the less. My experience, strength, and hope is through the many programs I work, all listed and illuminated here. What works for you? Sorry but it's not going to come knock on your door and take you to a meeting, so get up and go for it, one step at a time. Enough said? Let freedom sing! People change Breathing Life Aint no stoppin us now Free Shake yourself loose Refugee Shackles This is how it feels to be free Free at last! Free