Wisdom Understanding Discernment

Wisdom seems a lot like truth and cooking; let things simmer and stew, stir them up a bit, and eventually things soften up and become palatable (the truth comes out). A short definition is to find what is true and right for a deep understanding of people, things, events, and situations. This appeals to me as I now see the value of looking and listening deeply from the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. It seems wisdom takes time, that our first nature is often selfish and short sighted, that wisdom rarely jumps out at us from the start. I agree, we must "Cook our potatoes" to find what is truly wise. Discernment is a term often used in Buddhism but apparently is a Christian word indicating understanding of God's will for us, I like that! Wisdom may be the greatest gift one can give but personally, I feel it is love. Thay also says the basis of love is understanding, another very desirable outcome, and worth our time "cooking." There are books for both; Wisdom and Love.