Insight Meditation - Looking Deeply

As mentioned in the calm abiding meditation post, for many of us in 12 Step Recovery, "Think is our drink." Not only that, control issues and trying to fix things run rampant. This isn't about fixing or controlling anything, it's about allowing things to be as they are and just being with them without attraction, or aversion. If answers come and things work out by grace, great, if not, that's okay too.

The grace often comes as we intentionally get out of the way of our own small or large cares and allow connection with the all power, presence and wisdom of being. We don't analyze our issues so much as just sit with them and let enlightenment come of it's own accord. For example, if I am feeling resentment, I sit with that to see how it really feels, what it has too say, and what it can teach me. I certainly don't want to try and suppress it as that will cause it to gather further energy and resurface later, perhaps worse.

Rather we are admonished not to try and figure everything out, to let go, let God, and wait for the answer to come. Are you stuck on something, constantly thinking about it and running dialogue in your head and with others? Time to ask yourself, have I really sat with it? Have I really surrendered it (let it go)? Have I really accepted it (let it be)? Then comes patience.

It is being resolved, but in God's time and at God speed. Another aspect of looking deeply is looking beyond the surface. I am reminded of the concept of "surface tension". This is what holds water above the lip of the glass when it is overfilled. Within us it is the grip of an internal critic voice ready to jump in and judge, criticize, and condemn us and others.

Here we learn to stop, look, and listen to hear "the still small voice" of virtue, of God. As Emerson put it, "Our virtue comes in moments, our vice is habitual". The importance of this cannot be over emphasized as we check in regularly to stay in the flow of God's grace and see it in action throughout our lives. Another example is someone who is very difficult.

Nothing we can say or do is right or pleasing in their eyes. They act negative and argumentative at every turn. Can we stop and look deeply enough to see the fearful and wounded child within? Can we imagine the dysfunctional upbringing and years of suffering that brought them to that point? Can we really feel it and therefore understand and forgive it?

Can we look deeply enough beyond the masks and armor ego erects to protect the festering wounds of the past to at last see and really help the inner wonder child and loving parent emerge and thrive?
We do this for others and ourselves. By helping others through this ordeal we can learn to shed light and healing on our difficulties as well. This is what leads to a true and lasting peace. For a website on insight meditation click here.

Finally, we would like to leave you with an exploration of how we might break free of the grip of our own judgements, opinions, and ego in the moment and reach out to the freedom and wisdom meditation offers us all anytime and anywhere. This is a work in progress so perhaps a bit rough but worthy of sparking our imaginations and finding our own paths to freedom. It is titled POPP: Pause Observe Process Practice, find it here.