Faith Belief Trust

It seems faith has gotten a bad rap, likely due to "blind faith." I don't believe in blind faith. Do I have blind faith the sun will come up each morning? No, it's confidence based on experience. The same with other "big" subjects like God. Do I blindly believe God is causing every blade of grass to grow, (most) parents to love their children, and the rain to fall? Again, no, it is a proven fact I can expect with certainty. You can look for exceptions and base your belief on that if you choose, but does it serve you? That is really the point, to choose to focus on and believe what serves life and build a faith, a confidence, an assurance that supports and nourishes that point of view, the best in us all. That's something worth believing. True, it is "selective," belief, but aren't all our belief's ingrained into us through our upbringing, culture, media, and so on? There's an old saying, "I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself!" Now turn that around to "I wouldn't have seen it if I hadn't believed it myself." What do you want to see? Then you must ask yourself,what do you believe? I want to see and believe that although life (and people) certainly isn't always fair or easy, it is basically good, in fact wonderful (for more on a wonderful life, see my post on gratitude).