Humor Irony Play Fun

If you have seen the post on taking thing personally, pervasively, and permanently (P.P.P.), you might wonder, what is the remedy? This is definitely one. In fact, Thay considers this a test of all our practice, asking, is there a lightheartedness in it, whatever "it" is? Humor and irony can take the heaviest load and lighten it up. We need the ability to laugh at things, and ourselves and all our dramas. It is said that all that was once tragedy will become comedy, that the seriousness of the moment will wear off and fade. It seems true when we look at comedies (dramadies?) like Hogans Heroes and M.A.S.H. If we can find the presence to laugh at P.O.W. camps and war wounded it would seem anything is fair game. What in your life is so very serious and important that it is hard to laugh at? Maybe that's just you need. Perhaps part of (or all) your life has taken on a somber and sullen tone. If you can't laugh about it directly, maybe it's time to take a break from it and have some play time, some absurdity, some fun. Think it over, plan for fun. Maybe these will get you started - Blue Collar Jokes Funny Cats Gaspump Funnies Funny Fisherman .