Rest and Relaxation

Lets face it, there is a lot of pressure and speed in modern life. We run around at a mile a minute on the freeways, and don't seem to slow down much at other times. There is always so much to do, see, and be. Always one more thing. Yet the old saying "speed kills" is just as for us in our daily lives as in our cars. My wife recognized this in me years ago, as I was always running here and there in circles. Perhaps that is why the Course in Miracles saying and lesson, "I rest in God" was so helpful for me it became my mantra for years. I often chant it on the in and out breaths as I slow down to mediate and rest. I also use a shorter version now with "rest" on one breath and "ing" on the other to give my mind a simple and subtle direction for my body and mind to flow. All cares and concerns are put on hold and put to rest for awhile. perhaps it would be good to look into calm abiding meditation for even more help and relief if this is an area of concern for you and your family and friends.