Love Force

What are the fundamental energies, or "forces" of life? A very interesting perspective is there are two basic energies; namely the mind and the heart. The many societies and cultures where the people feel deeply bonded to each other and nature seem to be more reliant on the heart. Western culture and society seems over reliant on independence, achievement, and reasoning; the head. 

This overdependence on intelligence, rationality, and reasoning comes at a high price, as depression, loneliness, and the resulting popularity of addictive distractions such as overeating, overworking, social media compulsion, alcoholism, and drug addiction have cost us dearly. Consumerism is another obvious distraction as the U.S. and Western Europe are just 12% of the population but we comprise 60% of consumer spending. 

Our goal in the Sanity Files is to find a healthy balance between heart and head, as each takes the lead and makes the best choices for any particular situation. How do we know when it is time to let the heart take the lead? perhaps a favorite slogan and saying says it best; "Be still and know". This is when we spend time in reflection and introspection and listen for the still small voice of highest truth. For more on this please check out the Higher Power and Prayer and Meditation Sanity Files. 

To satisfy our rational reasoning nature perhaps we could consider what Mahatma Gandi called "soul force", or "love force" as one of the fundamental aspects of existence. How can we reconcile these two seemingly different perspectives of love and reason? Perhaps there is scientific evidence for the presence of a powerful love that ties us all, and everything else together. Please take a moment to consider the possibility.

Science finds four fundamental interacting forces that govern the cosmos. The first two are the strong and weak nuclear forces, then electricity and magnetism (electromagnetism), and gravity. These are also described as fields (force fields). On the extremely small scale the strong force creates protons and neutrons, holds the nucleus of atoms together, and keeps electrons spinning around the nucleus.

This is significant because the opposing positive and negative forces of protons and electrons would blow atoms apart if not for this attractive force. So if love is a strong force (which we believe it is), it creates everything on the small scale, holds it  together, and keeps them together despite negative forces. The weak force allows the decay of atoms and elements such as in nuclear reactors. This force is akin to fear and anger, as it allows things to rot, deteriorate, wither, and spoil. 

Yet as things decompose, energy is released, and for good reasons, such as when plants decompose, or when fear triggers fight or flight in response to threats, and when injustices arises anger as energy to make necessary changes. Imagine the power of nuclear reactors or bombs and you can see how powerful these forces can become for good or evil. Electricity and magnetism (electromagnetism) form the basis for electrical technology. 

This also includes radio waves for AM/FM, cell phones, televisions, GPS, and others. Electromagnetism describes a wide range of everyday experiences such as friction, rainbows, lightning, and things that use electricity such as lights, cameras, computers, and electric motors. Within our bodies our, brains, muscles, nerves, senses, and other functions work by electricity as well, so this force of love "powers" everything we have, do, and are. 

The electromagnetic force also determines the properties of all the chemical elements that make up the universe such as oxygen, magnesium, gold, and plutonium, so here love creates and maintains all the physical elements of the universe. Electromagnetism also includes visible light so all the colors and forms light or dark, all that we see, is love too!

The strong, weak, and electromagnetic forces are attractive and repulsive forces as they hold positive and negative energies that either push or pull on anything within their reach. This aspect harkens back to the forces of the universe being like love or fear. Here we have a choice, as we can choose what we focus on and follow. It may not be fast, easy, or painless, but we can choose again, and again, and again until we use up "negative" energies, and power up with positive ones.

The last force, gravity, although weaker than electromagnetism, holds the solar system, galaxies, and  cosmos together, and has many other amazing properties. It acts upon space, time, and anything with mass, energy, or momentum as described by the Einstein's theories. It has an infinite reach across the cosmos, it cannot be absorbed, transformed, or shielded against, and always attracts (never repels).

Looking back on the four fundamental forces as they relate to the force of love we can say the strong force of love creates and holds together the smallest things despite significant opposing forces. The weak forces of love (fear, anger, etc.) allow things to decay and release their immense energy. Like electromagnetism, love uses positive and negative energy to power the universe, is the basis of all created things, is the light to illuminate all we see, and radiates out like radio waves.

Lastly, like gravity, unconditional love has an infinite reach, so nothing is beyond its grasp, it can't be stopped, is all inclusive, and holds everyone and everything together in a powerful way. Our intuition and hearts were telling us, and now science is also telling us, that love is the grand unified "Theory of Everything" that created everything, powers everything, and holds all things together however large or small.  

"Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase "each other" doesn't make any sense". Rumi
Perhaps that force, that field is love. We will meet you there.