Buddhist Super Powers

The Four Immeasurables (Infinite Qualities/Attitudes/Virtues/Divine Abodes): 

(the Metta Sutra of Shakyamani Buddha considers these the path to liberation)

1. Loving Kindness (Maitri or Metta) Caring, selfless wish for all beings to be happy

2. Compassion ((Karuna) The wish for all beings to be freed from suffering (altruism)

3. Empathetic Joy (Mudita) Rejoicing in the happiness and virtues of all beings

4. Equanimity (Upekkha) Clear mindedness, tranquility, serenity, balance, peace


The Twelve Great Perfections (Purifying and Transcendent Virtues/Paramitas):

1. Generosity (Dana) Benevolence, forgiveness, altruism, giving of oneself

2. Morality(Sila) Discipline, proper, ethical, virtuous  conduct

3. Patience (Kshanti) Tolerance, forbearance, acceptance, temperance

4. Diligence (Virya) Steadfast energy, vigor, effort, enthusiasm

5. Awareness  (Dhyana) Mindfulness, presence,  concentration, attention

6. Wisdom (Prajna) Insight, understanding, discernment, knowledge, clarity

7. Skillful Means (Upaya) Appropriate, prudent, proper, correct, suitable useful methods

8. Determination (Pranidhana) Resolve, aspiration, intention, vow

9. Spiritual Power, Strength, or Force(Bala) Miracles, blessings, holiness, sacredness

10. Knowledge (Jnana) Understanding inseparable from the total experience of reality

11. Honesty (Sacca): Truthful, authentic, genuine, sincere, trustworthy, open, real

12. Renunciation (Nehhhamma) Restraint from harmful cravings and desires

Buddhist "Lower Powers"

Ten Hindrances :(Kleshas): Greed, Hate, Delusion, Conceit, Wrong Views, Doubt, Dormancy, Restlessness, Recklessness, Shamelessness,                                                                                                                   
Fifteen Defilements:  Greed, Ill Will, Hostility, Denigration, Dominance, Envy, Jealousy, Hypocrisy, Fraud, Obstinacy, Presumption, Conceit, Arrogance, Vanity, Negligence                                                                                        
Ten Great Precepts: Meanness, Aggression, Using Intoxicants, Praising Oneself, Gossiping, Lying, Sexual Misconduct, Taking Life, Stealing