Altruistic Giving Benevolent

As you can see, these disciplines are interrelated, one often giving rise to others. This is the case here as our understanding and commitment to Higher Good and One Self grow and mature it leads to a natural altruism and benevolence. No longer trapped and alone in the small and frightened self, we reach out to others, all of nature, all creation, in true compassion. This is reallife. Here, in intimate communion with all that is, we can't help but care about and for our companions as we realize it is in fact a type of self care. Certainly this is coming to fruition in the environmental movement as we embrace the needs of our planet, Mother Earth, in an effort to save her as well as ourselves. This took an interesting turn for me recently as I watched a show on new sport called rock crawling or racing. In it, people take highly modified four wheel drive vehicles up and down unbelievable rock crevices and faces. Growing up a big fan of motorsports, It grabs me deep inside as exciting and attractive. On the other hand, I now have a much greater appreciation for the quiet and natural side of life so it bothers me to see such grand and hallowed places be run over, bruised, and scarred for years to come. At the time of this writing, the world is revolution sweeping across the middle east and tragedy in Japan. The quality of our care and concern for others is being tested big time. News of swift response at a grass roots level through facebook shows signs of great hope for individual efforts making significant contributions. These are God's hands, God's feet, God's head and heart. It's up to us save to the world, one thought and action at a time. We must access and nurture our own God given innate nature of benevolence if humanity is going to survive, let alone prosper in the future.