Greater Good Noble Heart Higher Law

It seems Americans are somewhat selfish and self absorbed. After the Japanese earthquake and tsunami they would stand in line for hours for very little water and noodles without complaining. The stores would run out sometimes as well, but no shootings, riots or other mayhem. The reason, I'm told, is because they are very community oriented. This can be a problem in the extreme as well, but it was good to hear of such strength of character.

Self care is actually the best first step, as illustrated by airline stewards when they tell us that if the cabin decompresses and the air masks drop in, put yours on first before trying to help someone else. Once we are in good shape, it is time to help others. Service is one of our best and most rewarding tasks but the story takes a different turn here. It's not as much the doing, it's where we get our direction, our compass reading.

We ask ourselves what is best for all concerned, what would serve the greatest good? Setting aside our own wishes and needs for a time is to listen to the "Noble Heart," and "Higher Law". Too often we have an "authority problem." We think we are the author of our lives and want to write the whole story beginning to end. Here's where the little "me," the self with a small "s" creeps in. For those who don't know what I'm getting at, there is another Self, the One Self that is one with all creation.

The fact that you have read this far, tells me you have some understanding. Have you considered it an essential discipline, a life principle? That little self is cunning and baffling, sneaking in to try and take over and run the show whenever it can, This is the new definition of ego. The alternative is now often called Spirit. It can seem as if there is a battle going on between the two.

It is described that way in the old native American Indian story as to wolves, one white, one black fighting for control of our souls. Who will win? The one we feed. In reality,we must accept and care for the black wolf just as the white, for if we are truly One, the black wolf is us too, and just as deserving of our care.