Content Satisfied Fulfilled

Being from Pasadena, home of the Rose Bowl and Rose Parade, my favorite flower is the rose. Not just any rose, but one with petals like living velvet, a rich red color, and powerfully perfumed scent. Back to contentment; this rose doesn't have to do or be anything other than what it already is, an awesome gift of God. The same is true for us and all of creation, fitting together, interacting, interdependent, and inter-being of the same air, water, sun, earth, and consciousness. We too can be satisfied and fulfilled just as we are. No one can give this to us but God. We must find it deep within ourselves in the ultimate/infinite sanctuary where we are in perfect communion with God. This is the center of freedom, power, wisdom, presence, and many other virtues. From here, we can go out and make changes in the world for the benefit of all without the judgment, ignorance and confusion of selfish cares. This is a great place to be. One we visit in compassion, meditation, prayer, authentic presence, nature, and other moments of clarity. This is human "being," rather than doing and having (striving for acquisitions), a virtue worth developing and sharing. This is ending the war and making peace and love with mother earth, all life, people, ourselves, and our creator.