Simplicity Basics Necessities

I used to have a poster with an Emerson quote of "Simplify, simplify, simplify". Great advice for this day and age. I recently heard that "The prosperity of today is the empty consumerism of tomorrow". It seems tomorrow is here, and if we're not careful, we may get buried under the complexity and sheer quantity of acquizitions and information of modern life. The simple life is so much less stressful and onerous simplicity should definitely be kept in mind and practice. For a fun take on this, check out the Disney song Bare Necessities. I don't expect anyone to cut back their baggage to a robe and begging bowl like a monk, but keeping "things" down closer to what is really important can be very helpful. Personally, I try to "clean house" on a regular basis to help me focus on what is important rather than waste a lot of time wading through superfluous items and information. This goes way beyond just things to what I think about, places I go, what I eat, and how I exercise. I know what works for me and tend towards those most of the time. It is a real adventure when something new gets my attention and go exploring. Music is a good example as I research my favorite bands and musicians and follow the links on YouTube. I also make note of good music from the radio to add to my music list. Again, though, I try to find the best of the best and add that rather than flood my files, mind, and life with every little thing of interest. The best advice on this topic, as you have probably heard is, "Live simply, that others may simply live".