Loving Kindness - Caring - Compassion - Forgiveness

Honestly, this is a difficult subject for me. My list of "loves" usually starts with my bicycle, then motorcycle, nature, and maybe a couple of other things before I get to people. Is that "wrong?" It feels like it. My guess is that I didn't feel all that loved at home so spent a lot of time riding bicycles and motorcycles out in nature growing up. Thank God I have the great privilege now of being married to someone who loves passionately and is teaching me how. I do love God and nature (same thing) deeply as I feel a huge intimacy and connection there, a great place to start. I find many people (like me) spend much of their time in their heads, lost in endless thinking, fated to loss of heart. Others, seemingly the poorest people with barely any possessions, are the happiest and most loving. The good news is people can change, first through awareness, then conscious choice and practice. We can become more loving, kind, caring, and compassionate. Many believe it is imperative, there is no time to lose, that if we don't learn and learn fast how to love and care for the earth better we are in big trouble. It has to start first with ourselves, then others, then all life and creation. This is also a Buddhist practice where we see the "other" person, even people we dislike the most as our own child or parent, brother or sister, mate or friend. This really works for me as I can really get in touch with unconditional love when I experience it in terms of my family or dearest friends. It really breaks down the walls so I can see others as the wounded and suffering person they may be under the gruff exterior. Look here for a newer post on experiencing unbounded love. Here's some inspirational music you may enjoy about love. More Love I Believe Love is the Answer Power of Love Give me Love Love is the Answer I want to know what Love is Your Love keeps lifting me Higher It's all about Love I believe in Love I want to be in Love Love is Here Cry for Love I see Love Can't keep it in .