Saturday, August 21, 2010

Through A Glass Brightly - Attitude

Attitude is everything. Not everything really, but very important. There is so much negativity out there, attitude is an incredibly powerful tool and way of life. When I get down or pissed off Thay taught me to simply think of and experience (if only inside) clean fresh air, water, earth, and the sun that brings us warmth and light. Next, I think of the wonderful jewels that are my eyes, my ears, nose and mouth and the sensual feast available to them in every moment. Then my heart, like the sun pumping out life day and night non stop. Last, life itself, the awesome gift it is for us through out the world in the past,present, and future. That's enough right there to convince me that life is good, and I WILL NOT go through my life with a bad attitude. So many people are so wounded and stuck there that everything they see and hear is poisoned. When their hearts get poisoned, all life is poisoned too, life is evil, awful, and one big downhill slide. I found the antidote and I'm going to keep taking it. Its here on these pages, in so many words. God help you, I hope you find yours! check out Pure Flow and Ain't No Stopping Us Now Shine

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