Equanimity - Harmony - Balance

Eastern wisdom translates equanimity as seeing without attachment, rather with patience and understanding. Another definition is to "stand in the middle," also a balance point. It is "The strong presence of inner calm, well being, confidence, vitality, or integrity that can keep us upright, like a ballast keeps a ship upright in strong winds. As inner strength develops, equanimity follows." (Gil Frondsdal) It is based on living and acting with integrity and a confidence that we can meet the challenges of life. Another aspect is mental strength and stability through practices that cultivate calm, concentration, and authentic presence. The next is a well being or feeling of basic goodness that helps us enjoy life as it is. Understanding, wisdom and insight also support equanimity as they help us separate thoughts and actions from who we are down deep: whole, perfect and innocent. The last support is freedom, freedom to act rather than react, free to choose and experience the life we want, the life best for all. Equanimity is also a test, if you can't feel it, it's time to ask yourself why and what needs to be done to get it back.