Sayings - Slogans - Mantras

It's so easy to get off track, to slip into little old me, trapped and alone. What can keep us on track, and in the flow of grace and peace? Eastern wisdom says constant mindfulness, and uses mantras or slogans to that end. Some say "pray without ceasing," which seems much the same (check out the prayer and meditation sanity file!). These are the foundations, the roots and wings that anchor us in confidence to our beliefs, and the freedom to take flight from the cares of the world.

My favorites are "I rest in God" and "Be Still and Know." For me these simple lines, repeated with conviction take the physical situation and lift it to the level of the infinite, so can make the ordinary extraordinary, and the natural supernatural. These small tools carry immense power.  These pithy sayings serve as simple reminders that there are other options and we always have choices.

I recommend a small list of favorite slogans to refer to often, and a bigger list for times for when you have time to kick back and really savor the power these contain. You can view a list of just my LOVE slogans here. As you can see I like to use various fun colors and fonts to keep them fresh and alive. The key, as always, is to find your sayings, slogans, and mantras. Perhaps then you can plug in your "Super Slogans and Mega Mantras" whenever and wherever you need them to live your "extraordinary supernatural" life!

Over the years we have found others who have found this practice useful and published books of their favorites. For a look at Thich Nhat Hanh's caligraphy mantras book click here, and just just the images here. For a book of sayings by the guys at "Life is Good" (Simple Words from Jake and Rocket) look here, random quote images here. To see the classic list of mind training (Lojong) slogans from the twelfth century on a Wiki, click here.