Patience - Sit, Stay, Heal.

Recent tough times have taught me once again that patience really is a virtue, another of my "power tools." Buddhism calls it "Holding our seat" as we stay calm and clear through-out the passing storms. For me, the thought that I had been unjustly accused, blamed, and attacked got me all worked up and indignant. But since I define codependancy as getting caught up in the drama of others I have to admit it was my disease getting the upper hand. Recovery comes from patience; relaxing into the situation until I can let go, not take it personally, feel God's presence, power, and wisdom even in this, and let the storm pass. Again, not condoning bad behavior, but letting my reactionary energy pass before making decisions and taking actions. I think it wise to remind you, it isn't your "life," but as Eckhart Tolle says, your "life situation," and therefore not personal, permanent, or pervasive. Hard to remember in the heat of the moment, easier when we patiently "sit, stay, heal." The other saying I like is "Stop, look, listen," what we tell our kids to do so they don't get run over crossing the street. Sound advice for us as well as we navigate life's highway. Check out Patience