Hitting Bottom - Resurrection

Hitting bottom is a powerful image that makes us think of alcoholics and other addicts, but not me! Yet this concept can be very helpful anytime we fail, when life "Hits the wall." Usually we rush around patching the up the holes, fixing things until they look okay again, "status quo." We are so afraid of looking weak, being uncomfortable, being human, and failing. Is it really so awful?

Personally, I want to feel the feeling, be in the moment, alive and real. It isn't going to kill me, "This too shall pass." When I get to this place I like to get on my knees to pray and cry if necessary, to grieve the momentary loss of perfection. We think we can "keep it all together" forever but we are all going to get old, sick, and die anyways, might as well get used to it.

Am I being negative? I don't think so. I think most people can relate, we all feel sad and broken sometimes and it's better to acknowledge that it's okay. For myself, I choose to embrace my brokeness rather than try to hide it all the time. I like to think of broken bones that grow back stronger than before, or the Japanese bowls they break and glue back together with gold filling to make it stronger and more beautiful than ever.

It is said (and I believe) we connect most deeply in suffering, perhaps that is why some of my favorite songs are People change The World I Know, Get Back Up Again, I Need You Now Cry for Love Dents in my Fenders Undo what I've become Gravity The space in between Praise you in this storm Learning to fall Bring the rain Stand Disappear When the rain comes To know that you're alive Rain song Run Lay down my pride