Enlightenment - Revelation - Transcendence - Transformation

Here is where our practice pays off. First, we shake off the lethargy and denial that had us sleepwalking through life. Through awareness, we have identified the seeds of suffering, whether due to attraction or aversion, and strive not to feed them. Instead, we find the seeds of well being and do our best to nourish and care for them using the compost of suffering to enrich the fertile soil of consciousness. Secondly, checking in with with our body, feelings, thoughts, and emotions, Higher Power, wounded and wonder inner children, inner critic and loving parent , and perhaps life and creation itself, we ensure complete connection with all energies and issues. Next, through surrender and acceptance we embrace and soothe these energies, giving them a safe place to rest and relax. With this practice, we break from confusion and doubt unto focus, concentration, clarity, understanding, and insight. Now comes the flowering and fruit as the light and love of revelation brings transcendence and transformation. This arrives not as the result of our own effort and unsteady will power, but through grace.