Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Love and Connection - Brene Brown

If you haven't heard about Brene Browns work, prepare to be amazed. She set out to study love and connection, but kept hearing about heartbreak,suffering, and disconnection. She found the core issue in it's many manifestations to be shame: feeling that our basic self is wrong, unworthy, and unlovable. This is a core issue for children of dysfunctional upbringing so an extremely valuable teaching for us Twelve Step folks who identify with these issues.

The good news, actually the great news is that the solution and salvation is in creating community, intimacy, and in particular vulnerability. This is great news because this is what we do in Twelve Step, as well as other spiritual communities. The meetings, step studies, co-sponsorships, retreats, conferences, service work, etc. we do all serve this purpose. She nails the what, but we nail the how.

So lets dig in and give you a taste of the incredible help and healing available through the books,  videos, and other sources.You can get her work as hardback or paperback books, on Kindle, CDs, downloadable audio content here. You may view her many very popular videos here, the first one ranks as the third most popular TED Talk ever.

Her website also lists the books and videos as well as courageous leadership programs, training and certification for professionals, and an upcoming training program for educators. There is also a blog, a ton of social media content, speaking event opportunities (sorry we missed one nearby!), free downloads and book reading guides, and lots more linked here.

After viewing Brene's website for this post it is obvious she is taking help and healing in many new and exciting places. This is very inspirational for us at Cowboy Dharma, so we're going on a Brene binge! Perhaps there is hope, help, healing, and happiness here for you too. Enjoy!

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