The Magic Word

A recent book and movie called Three Magic Words asked the question "who am I?"  It's considered a magic question because it forces us to look deeply within into our hearts and souls for our true purpose and passion. The premise seems to be that should we ask this question in earnest we can't help but find we are in essence spirit, and God's infinite intelligence, power, beauty, and presence  made manifest.  Although I agree, and find this to be true, what comes next? What are we to do with this potential for greatness? For me, this begs an even bigger question; why am I here"? What is the reason I exist at all, what is my true purpose and passion? There is magic in this question as well, but the real magic lies in the answer. 

As A Course In Miracles puts it; "I am here to truly be of service". This is why it is said that no matter how low you may feel, helping others will always lift your spirits. And that's the point here in every question and answer isn't it? To lift us out of "lives of quiet desperation", and out of our myriad selfish and trivial pursuits. And not just to serve mankind, but to serve all life, including our dear mother earth. The devastation we have wrought upon the land, waters, and skies, our societies and cultures, our families and friends, as well as our own bodies and minds is vast and profound. 

We need to ask these questions so we can focus our energies on the magic, simple, and also profound answer; service. And then to serve with all the determination and resolve we can muster. This is our great cause, great purpose, and the only chance for the survival of life as we know it. Before long pollution and climate change will strain our systems beyond the breaking point and the bullets and bombs will surely fly in ever greater numbers. We must ask this question again and again in every situation and event. Is it for the greater good of all life for me to buy this, to go there, to eat this, to say or do that? 

This writing is due to the fact that in meetings at work I keep hearing "We are here to make money". This rubs me the wrong way. I am here to be truly of service, and if I do my job well, as I like to say, " income will be an outcome". In fact, the better I am at serving others the better the income usually gets!  I may not have the highest income because I don't want to sacrifice this all important value to earn more. Also this way I get into alignment with greater good, higher purpose, and higher power, the best path to true success. 

Our ego driven society and culture is like an enormous bomb, and it has already gone off. Our only hope now is to minimize the damage and redirect the shockwave in beneficial directions wherever possible. That won't happen if we focus all of our time, talents, and energies on small matters. We must look to the bigger picture. We must let go of our small and selfish concerns and embrace the best within us that we may bring out the best in others and all the world.
Copyrights 11/17