A Power Greater

 Many people have difficulty identifying with a Higher Power. It seems there are just too many images of an angry, jealous, punishing "Old man in the sky." Personally, I left that God behind and now have a relationship with a loving, caring one. For those who don't, a power greater than ourselves can be a good fit. This power could be as simple as one other person, a group of people, even something like nature. Alcoholics Anonymous people have a fun way of looking at this as GOD translates to a "Group Of Drunks." Whatever it takes to get us out of ourselves and into something bigger and better. It's claustrophobia: trapped and alone. Reaching out, we find we aren't trapped or alone. A tree has no choice, it is stuck were it's planted. We aren't, we can go to meetings, call people, or "meet up" and make friends through hobbies and common interests. This power of community I call "exponential synergy," as we hook up with others to multiply "The interaction of two or more so that their combined effect is greater than the individual." So take a little time, consider a power greater than yourself, and how you can plug into it's healing and beneficial flow.