Triune Persona


Three Part Persona

Staying in your “Right” Mind (True/Balanced/Inclusive/Infinite Mind)


Adult Children of Alcoholics: Higher Power/Nature         

Christian Holy Trinity: Holy Ghost

Triune Brain: Primordial/Prehistoric/Primeval/Solitary/Competitive/Cold Blooded-Brain Stem                                                                                                                                                             

Plato Tripartite Soul/Psyche: Eros - Appetitive/Physical/Instinctual Desires: Drives Us to Eat, Have Sex and Protect – Feet, Legs, Genitals, Gut, Organs - The Black Horse

Chakras: Safety, Survival, Stability, Sustenance. Sensuality, Sexuality Strength, Power, Determination - Coccyx/Sacrum/Solar Plexus 

Freud: Id - "I Want" Basic Biological Innate Urges/Desires/ Irrational Impulses of Sex/Aggression/etc. "Pleasure Principle" Seeks Immediate Gratification. Mostly Unconscious. Body/Mind Energy Source

Maslow Needs: Safety: Family and Social Stability, Work, Health, Resources, Property.                      Physiological: Air, Water, Shelter, Food, Clothing, Rest, Reproduction


ACA: Inner Child/Children                            

Christian Holy Trinity: The Son 

Triune Brain: Old/Mammalian/Emotional/Spiritual/Social/Affectionate - Limbic System/Paleo-Cortex

                                                                                                                                                                    Plato: Thymos - Spiritual/Emotional: Emotions Drive Actions - Chest/Heart/Lungs - The White Horse  

Chakras: Love, Trust, Sincerity, Acceptance, Compassion, Kindness, Peace, Communication, Creativity, Inspiration, Honesty, Purity Expression - Heart/Lungs/Throat 

Freud: Superego - "I Should" Ego Ideal and Moral Guardian. Strives for Perfection. Inhibitions Acquired from Parents. Becoming One's Conscience. Mainly at Preconscious (Easily Recalled) Level. 

Maslow Needs: Love and Belonging: Friendship, Family, Intimacy, Community, Connections


ACA: Adult (Inner Parent/Teacher/Leader/Elder/Hero)          

Christian Holy Trinity: The Father

Triune Brain: New/Rational/Logical Awareness - Neo-Cortex

Plato: Logos - Rational/Logical: Seeks Truth & Reason by Facts & Arguments. The Charioteer

Chakras: Higher Consciousness, Knowledge, Spirituality, Self-Realization Intuition, Openness, Imagination, Self-Reflection, Visualization - Crown/Third Eye

Freud: Ego - "I Will" (Parent/Adult) "Reality Principle" Executive Mediator Between Id's Instinctual Impulses and Superego's Parentally Acquired Inhibitions. Deals with Reality and Rationality. Operates Mainly at Aware Conscious Level but also Preconscious. 

Maslow Needs Hierarchy: Self-Actualization/Realization: Morality, Creativity, Spontaneity, Purpose, Acceptance, Meaning. Esteem: Confidence, Achievement, Recognition, Respect, Status, Individuality