Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude might seem odd as a choice for a Sanity File, but when we find how helpful and life changing it is we know it is more than worthy. The scribe of A Course In Miracles wrote another book entitled The Ladder of Prayer. In the book she tells how we start out on the bottom rung asking, if not begging, for what we want. In the end at the top rung we find the blessings of life we already have are more than enough to feel entirely blessed.

It is easy to forget just how blessed we are. To keep us safe we are biologically designed to be vigilant and keep on the lookout for problems and dangers. But do we always want to be looking for problems and danger?  There is another side to the story if we take the time to consider our blessings. Sometimes a few simple questions can do the trick. We have to ask ourselves, are we Blessed or Cursed?

Another  exploration of thankfulness and gratitude is Learning To Be The Light. Some friends have taken this to a very high level by making a list of ten new things they are thankful for and emailing it to each other everyday. Can you imagine how much that would help after a few weeks, months, or years? Gratitude can become a habit if we work at it long enough, and is well worth the work.

A great way to express our gratitude is in communion and communication with our Higher Power in our prayers. This is the fountain from which all blessings flow, so a great place to do some "knee mail" and put the credit where it belongs. Each of us gets much more than we might deserve and the blessings will keep on flowing for one hundred years if were lucky, as wall as infinitely for life through-out time and space.

Journaling is a great way to get in touch with our gratitude as well as our Higher Power. Some prefer Prayer and Meditation. A written example of this perspective is seen in Prayers of Thankfulness. Just as God can been seen in everything, perhaps gratitude can be as well in the "silver lining". It is hard to believe, but so many times we hear that peoples greatest challenges, sufferings, failures, and defeats have turned into their greatest blessings that there must be something to it, so go forth and be thankful, you won't regret it!