Super Powers - Part Two

Ready to take it to another level? Great, lets go! Life is a very multifaceted experience, and this endeavor is a reflection of that diversity. I do cringe at the description of complexity, as that is one of the "difficulties" of life, better to "Simplify, simplify, simplify" as Thoreau said. In fact, simplicity is one of the practices entailed. As you explore these Super Powers, remember to relax and enjoy as these principles are not rules, rather guidelines to help us be ever more gentle and loving with ourselves and others.

Talented Skillful Expertise Specialty Adept – Untalented Useless Ignorant
Basic/Primordial/Fundamental-Good - Basic/Fundamental/Primordial-Bad/Evil
Patient Tolerant Forgiving Forbearance & Stressed Impatient Intolerant Agony
Flexible Fluid Pliable Malleable Loose & Rigid Hard Tense Tight Frozen Inflexible
Feeling Sensitive Emotional Alive – Unfeeling Dead Insensitive Emotionless Dull
Freedom Liberation Release Choice & Enslaved Confined Trapped Stuck Bound
Curiosity Wonder Mystery Awe Paradox & Mundane Boring Stale Apathetic
Contentment Satisfaction Fulfillment & Empty Dissatisfied Unfulfilled Discontent
Greater Good Noble Heart Higher Law & Selfish Small Narrow-Minded
Generous Serving Selfless Helpful Benevolent Altruistic & Selfish Greedy Scarcity Loss Poverty
Optimism Workability Good Attitude Positive & Negative Pessimistic Despair Defeat Toxic
Discipline Constancy Self Control/Restraint & Flakey Wild Loose Erratic Reckless Addiction
Creativity Expression Birth Imagination Art & Sterile Barren Arid Impotent Dead
Unique Extraordinary Special Rare Important & Average Ordinary Boring Insignificant Common
Faith Belief Trust Confidence Assured Certain & Apprehensive Worried Insecure Doubtful
Assertive Courageous Brave Fearless Bold Daring & Passive Fearful Afraid Scared Worried
Spiritual Sacred Holy Devine Grace Blessing & Profane Sinful Defiled Cursed Evil Mundane
Enthusiastic Passionate Inspired Vitality Alive & Apathetic Vapid Uninspired Dead Dull
Diligence Effort Persistence Perseverance & Lazy Slack Indifferent Passive Give-Up
Simplicity Plain Basics Bare Necessities & Complexity Opulence Excess Wasteful
Stable Solid Grounded Anchored Unmoved – Shaky Unstable Groundless Adrift
Verbal Communicative Relating – Closed Silent Gagged Uncommunicative Shut Down